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When you need a Plano estate probate attorney, you likely want a reliable source that can represent you, and educate you, about your legal rights and options. Finding the right probate lawyer in Plano TX can make the difference between a smooth, routine procedure and a legal quagmire.


Where can I find a Plano probate attorney near me?

At Atwood & McCall PLLC, we serve as the go-to boutique law firm, answering your legal questions while making sure that your case is thoroughly represented. Executing the will of a loved one may seem simple, but it makes sense to have an estate probate attorney in Plano TX to make sure that the process continues without hiccups.

Not sure if you require a Plano estate probate attorney? Here’s how to tell

A probate lawyer in Plano TX can help with determining whether a will is valid. Our Atwood & McCall team can also assign a Plano probate lawyer to make sure that the will is properly executed.

In the era of do-it-yourself legal filings, not many clients start this journey thinking “I should begin by hiring a probate attorney near me in Plano TX.” However, if your loved one has not submitted a valid will for consideration in the courts, the probate process could be extended to make sure that assets are fairly allocated.

Contesting a will is not as scary or taboo as you may think. In fact, you may be entitled to contest a will that has:

  • Excluded dependents without an appropriate clause
  • Been signed under distress or undue influence
  • Been signed by a person who is not mentally capable of signing legal paperwork
  • Not been filed in its original form – photocopies are not acceptable
  • Not considered the disposition of all assets
  • And many more circumstances

If you suspect that your loved one’s will is not valid, contacting a Plano estate probate attorney simply makes sense and ensures that the individual’s last wishes are granted. Let Atwood & McCall help you learn more about your legal rights and options — contact us today.