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We take a holistic approach to helping our clients proactively protect and shield their assets from a variety of threats, which includes business, personal and investment assets. The key to effective planning is to act proactively, because once threats arise (such as events giving rise to a lawsuit) it is often too late.

Our asset protection planning takes a variety of forms. These include effective business planning to protect personal and investment assets from business liabilities. We also utilize what we call the Razorblade LLC, which makes it difficult for your future creditors to reach assets that are held by this LLC. Visit Business Planning

Proper Estate Planning is a key to protecting assets. For high net worth families, the failure to plan can result in millions of dollars in estate taxes that could have been eliminated entirely or greatly reduced. For all families, estate planning can be used to protect against spouses (including your surviving spouse’s future spouse), immature beneficiaries, creditors and predators (e.g. all of the people who would take advantage of your kids when they inherit your money).

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