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If you’re in McKinney and purchasing a business — or even simply considering the idea — then we invite you to consult with the experienced, friendly staff at Atwood & McCall PLLC.

Our boutique law firm specializes in helping clients both buy and sell a business. Buying a company in McKinney TX can be a great investment — whether you’re purchasing your first business or making a strategic acquisition for your existing company.

However, it is a process that is rife with legal red tape and takes careful planning in order to make a deal a true success. That’s why, when clients find themselves in McKinney buying an existing business, they turn to our boutique law firm.


Helping clients in purchasing a business in McKinney TX

If you’re in McKinney and buying a company, our staff can help you with all phases of the process, bringing decades of combined experience along the way.

When it comes to buying an existing business in McKinney TX, it’s important to have professional assistance with:

  • Finding potential businesses to purchase. We talk to our clients to learn what they are looking for and why. With this information, we are able to explore the market to find available businesses that align with their needs.
  • Conducting financial due diligence. If you’re in McKinney and purchasing a business, and you rush through the process without closely examining the financials, you could be on the receiving end of very poor deal.
  • Create a valuation. A big part of the financial due diligence is correctly valuating a company and then developing an offer that is competitive based on that figure.
  • Structure a deal with your best interests at heart. If all goes according to plan and you’re buying a company in McKinney TX, we can develop an offer that ensures your unique and special interests are accounted for.

If you’re located in McKinney and purchasing a business, put savvy professionals in your corner. Consult with Atwood & McCall.