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Welcome to one of the premier resources for McKinney mergers and acquisitions advisement. We are the team of Atwood & McCall PLLC, and we provide a tremendous resource for business owners that are looking to buy or sell a company.

As one of the most relied-upon merger and acquisition firms in McKinney TX, Atwood & McCall can provide you with savvy, comprehensive buy-side and sell-side advisement that allows you to complete a streamlined, beneficial transaction.

Our McKinney M&A advisory professionals help in every phase, including some of the most crucial steps, which include:

  • Strategy: Each business has a different strategy in mind when it comes to buying or selling a business. A company might want to unlock new market share by acquiring a competitor, or even absorb new skills or capabilities. On the sell side, a business owner might be on the hunt for a specific buyer that will keep the company culture intact. As leaders in mergers and acquisitions in McKinney TX, we always first start by establishing a strategy and setting goals for the deal.
  • Research: There is nothing more paramount to finding and executing a beneficial deal than gathering data. As your choice in McKinney merger and acquisition firms, our team does its due diligence in gathering all appropriate data that will help guide the direction of a transaction.
  • Provide counsel throughout the process: We don’t expect you to be a master of McKinney mergers and acquisitions. In fact, many of the small business leaders we work with find themselves in this situation for the first time. As your choice in merger and acquisition firms in McKinney TX, we will provide you with objective insight and updates every step of the way.


Quality M&A advisory in McKinney TX

Buying or selling a business can often help you achieve your ultimate professional goals. As leaders in McKinney mergers and acquisitions, we’ll help get the deal across the finish line.