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As a McKinney living will attorney, we often work with clients that are still familiarizing themselves with the function of this document. Many folks hear the word “will” and just assume that this is the agreement that spells out who gets their possessions and wealth when they pass away.

A living will is different. As McKinney lawyers specializing in wills, our team at Atwood & McCall PLLC is quick to point out that a living ill simply outlines whether or not you would like to receive medical treatment in end-of-life scenarios, where there is little to no chance of recovery.

This is an equally as important document and we have a living will attorney in McKinney TX that can help get one in place.


What could happen without a living will?

As a long-time McKinney living will attorney, the staff at Atwood & McCall has often encountered scenarios in which an individual does not have a living will in place. A variety of negative scenarios can crop up.

  • For starters, family members have to guess what kind of medical treatment you want in these situations, which can be extremely stressful for them.
  • Without a living will, you run the risk of having your wishes ignored because family members are unsure of what you want.
  • Already-stressful, end-of-life scenarios can become even more daunting when there isn’t a living will in place.

There is simply no reason at all to bypass a living will — especially when the process is simple and we have McKinney lawyers specializing in wills that can help you along the way.


Trust Atwood & McCall for your living will needs

Make sure that a comprehensive, legally binding living will is in place by working with an industry-leading McKinney living will attorney. Connect with the team at Atwood & McCall right now to get started.