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When you are looking for a Frisco estate probate attorney, you want someone who will listen to your questions, respect your situation and educate you about all of your options.


Choosing Atwood & McCall PLLC as your probate lawyer in Frisco TX means that you will be considered a partner in your legal case — not just a powerless client. We work with you instead of dictating how you should proceed with your case. When you are wondering, “Who is the right Frisco probate attorney near me?” consider Atwood & McCall first. We offer free, insightful consultations.

Why choose Atwood & McCall as your Frisco estate probate attorney?

A probate lawyer in Frisco TX needs to be well versed in finances and law in order to provide you with comprehensive support.

  • At Atwood & McCall, our skilled attorneys have strong financial backgrounds. James Atwood holds degrees in taxation and accounting in addition to his legal experience.
  • This means that an estate probate attorney in Frisco TX from Atwood & McCall can help you make the smartest decisions about planning for the disposition of your business and other major assets.
  • In addition to providing support in the execution of wills, a Frisco probate lawyer from Atwood & McCall can help you make major decisions about the distribution of your business assets in the event of your death.

As a business owner, you need be thinking “I need a probate attorney near me in Frisco TX that can help create an airtight plan.” Our team allows your business to continue operating seamlessly even after you are gone.

Responsible entrepreneurs and knowledgeable business experts realize the importance of planning with a Frisco estate probate attorney. Let us help you learn more about your options in distributing your business assets after your death. You deserve the experts in estate and tax planning — you deserve Atwood & McCall PLLC.