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Through a Dallas living trust or will, you can hold the power to allocate your wealth and assets the way you see fit when you pass away.

Here at Atwood & McCall PLLC, we know that it is never fun to think about death. Most people avoid this — especially younger men and women who figure they have plenty more time to figure it all out.

As a long-time Dallas living trust attorney, we advise you to stop putting off your estate planning to-do list and make sure that you are ready for when — or if — the unthinkable happens.


Honoring your wishes with a living trust or will in Dallas TX

If you’re like most people, you have probably worked your whole life to obtain the wealth and assets that you currently have. When you finally pass away, don’t you want to make sure that those hard-earned assets go to your family members?

By working with a living trust lawyer in Dallas TX, you can make sure that happens. Through a living trust attorney in Dallas TX, you can set up a living trust that will protect your wealth from:

  • Falling into the wrong hands
  • Being subjected to hefty estate and other taxes
  • Being squandered by an untrustworthy beneficiary
  • Going to probate
  • And more

With insights on a Dallas living trust or will, and our extensive experience, the team at Atwood & McCall can provide you with the needed advice on how to structure your estate plan. We have served as the Dallas living trust attorney of choice for a wide range of individuals — including high net-worth men and women.

We know the steps to take and the tools to implement in order to shield your wealth and make sure that it stays in the family, where it should.


Consult with a Dallas living trust lawyer

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