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Finding the right Dallas estate probate attorney that has experience in the newest tax law can be a difficult undertaking. Your probate lawyer in Dallas TX needs to be well-versed in wills, trusts and other estate-planning topics to best represent your interests.

Although many probate processes consist of routine paperwork, there are still some challenges that can come along with executing an estate. When you are wondering, “What about a Dallas probate attorney near me?” you need the experts at Atwood & McCall, PLLC. Our boutique law firm has the estate probate attorney in Dallas TX who will serve your interests and help you expedite the processing of your loved one’s estate.

Why you may need a Dallas estate probate attorney

In general, a probate lawyer in Dallas TX is useful for two activities: proving the validity of the will and actually executing the will. In some instances, there may be some questions about the accuracy or validity of a will.

A Dallas probate lawyer can help your family determine whether the will meets minimum criteria to be considered valid. For instance, a newer will may exist that has not been filed with the court — different provisions in the newer document could motivate family members to make sure that the most recent version is filed.

Contesting a will is far more common than you think, but you need a probate attorney to make sure the process goes smoothly. If you’re thinking “Where can I find a probate attorney near me in Dallas TX?,” then we invite you to sort through the issue with our team.

A will may be considered invalid if it was:

  • Created under influence or distress
  • Signed by someone without the legal capacity to make decisions
  • Designed to leave out dependents without an appropriate clause
  • A photocopy and not the original and witnessed document
  • And many other reasons

If you are interested in contesting a will, finding the right Dallas estate probate attorney can make all the difference in your legal case. Let our experts at Atwood & McCall help you learn more about your options.