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Here at Atwood & McCall PLLC, we have an Allen living will attorney staff that can walk you through the process of developing this important component of an estate plan.

Every man or woman should have a living will, which is a document that specifies what kind of medical treatment you want to receive when you are facing catastrophic injuries or terminal illness in which you will not recover from.

As Allen lawyers specializing in wills, our team can help explain your options and talk with you to uncover your personal preferences for these end-of-life scenarios.


When are living wills used?

As your living will attorney in Allen TX, we go to work developing this document, which will take effect in a variety of scenarios, including:

  • The late stages of a terminal illness
  • During a persistent vegetative state
  • Prolonged unconsciousness with no medical probability of restoring capacities
  • And more

By working with an Allen living will attorney, you can anticipate these scenarios and spell out exactly how you want to be treated. Some clients refuse medical treatment in these scenarios and opt to pass away peacefully. Others prefer to receive rigorous treatment in the hopes of beating the odds and making some semblance of a recovery.

The choice is up to you —  as Allen lawyers specializing in wills, our team simply implements the measures needed to make your choices legally binding.


Rely on Atwood & McCall for all your estate planning needs

A living will is just one component of an estate plan — it’s often confused for a last will and testament, which is a document that assigns your possessions to others when you pass away.

While Atwood & McCall serves as an Allen living will attorney, we also have the knowledge and expertise to help you in other areas of estate planning. Contact our staff and tell us about your needs.