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Estate planning for small business owners should involve an Allen estate probate attorney. At Atwood & McCall PLLC, we understand the importance of enlisting a skilled probate lawyer in Allen TX to make sure you have a plan for your business in the event of your death.

Hundreds of clients have wondered, “Who is the best Allen probate attorney near me?” and the resounding answer is Atwood & McCall.

Our small team of knowledgeable business attorneys can provide you with deep insight about your estate plan, no matter the type of business that you own and operate. Let us show you what an asset an experienced and skilled estate probate attorney in Allen TX can be when you are creating your own property distribution documents.

What can an Allen estate probate attorney help me with as a small business owner?

Your probate lawyer in Allen TX knows that estate planning strategies start with the business owner, but communication with your family and business partners is also important.

An Allen probate lawyer from Atwood & McCall can help you loop in all business stakeholders, providing everyone with the information they need to make educated decisions and execute your plan. A trustworthy legal professional can help you make plans for:

  • Minimizing taxes for the business upon your death
  • Eliminating the need to sell the business
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Managing your life insurance as it relates to the business
  • Considering the heirs for your family-run business
  • And more!


How can I connect with a probate attorney near me in Allen TX

Let our distinguished team help you learn more about the ways in which an Allen estate probate attorney can support your business choices. Contact Atwood & McCall today to get started on your comprehensive estate plan, and invest in the peace of mind you deserve. We are now offering free consultation appointments.