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Take full control of your assets and wealth by teaming with an Allen estate planning attorney and getting a comprehensive plan in place.

Here at Atwood & McCall PLLC, we’re a boutique Allen estate planning law firm that specializes in working with men and women to do exactly that. Our staff works closely with clients, not just to file paperwork and make agreements legally binding, but to educate them on the benefits of each estate planning tool and help them make informed decisions.


What does an estate plan entail?

An estate planning lawyer in Allen TX from our team can give you the full rundown, but we’ve compiled a brief list below that highlights many of the crucial components to comprehensive estate planning. Your estate planning attorney in Allen TX can answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

  • Wills and trusts: By working with an estate planning law firm in Allen TX to draft a will or trust, you are able to dictate how your assets will be allocated when you pass away while minimizing the tax implications.
  • Power of attorney: If you become incapacitated, who is designated to make decisions on your behalf? A durable power of attorney drafted by an Allen estate planning lawyer can assign these responsibilities.
  • Guardian and beneficiary designations: It’s important to team with an Allen estate planning attorney and spell out clearly who will gain guardianship of dependent children and who will inherit your wealth and assets.
  • Medical directives: If you are thrust into a persistent vegetative state, do you want to continue medical treatment or have doctors cease care? Medical directives drafted by our Allen estate planning law firm can provide answers.


Enlist the help of a qualified Allen estate planning lawyer

This might seem like daunting work, but the team at Atwood & McCall works hard to make sure everything is taken care of. We do the heavy lifting while you handle the decision making.

We have an Allen estate planning attorney that is ready to consult with you. Contact our team.